The Crew

David Lethin

I caught my first fish at age 5 and was told "What a great job, you're such a good fisherman!" It was 30 years later that I saw the photo taken that day. That was a moment of clarity for me. I remember so vividly that day and how much I desired to fish. It was crystal clear then at the age of 35 why my life turned out the way it had.

Now I look back with no regrets on the experiences, heart aches, and passion that I've felt over those many years on the ocean. Viewers of season 2 of the Discovery Channels Deadliest Catch series caught a glimpse of the excitement and adventure that lies ahead with every trip. This dream will become a reality for thousands. Now it's time to show you all that passion and adventure on board a large seasonal king crab vessel. We will navigate in the safe waters off Ketchikan and Annette Island and promise to give you an experience you won't forget.

Terry Barkley

Terry began fishing with his father when he was 12 and has been doing it ever since. Before Capt. David's first trip to the Bering Sea he was told three things: get the biggest boat you can, get the best equipment and the best crew. He found the best in Terry. He is a phenomenal engineer and captain. He can run a ship like a go-cart. He can fix just about anything, and if can't - he'll make it work long enough to get you by. He is a positive, uplifting individual who you would love to have on your team.

Derrick Ray

In February 2010 Derrick joined the crab vessel Cornelia Marie to fill in as Captain after the passing of our dear friend Phil Harris.  Derrick was on board the Cornelia Marie for the opilio crab season and made his TV debut on the Deadliest Catch in 2010.  Derrick has been a top-gun fisherman with his own boat, the 136 foot Siberian Sea, which was the "Hilton of the Bering Sea". His passion for fishing began in Seaside, OR, fishing Dungeness crab off the 12th Street bridge as a young boy. He partnered with David, Rick Quashnick on the Maverick, and Phil Harris on the Corneilia Marie. This was a hard group of fishermen to beat. Derrick has been in the number one slot out of 250 boats in the Bering Sea - a feat any fisherman would love to accomplish. Derrick and his crew live the life. He came to work with David on the tour to share his life's passion with others.

Andy Pittard

Andy began fishing at an early age. He gained a reputation as a positive and powerful fisherman and was sought after by Captains up and down the west coast.  He is a talented engineer and has worked on some of the most successful boats to ever fish the Bering Sea.  He and Captain Derrick Ray worked together oboard the Siberian Sea, which was one of the most successful crabbers to ever fish.  Andy brings a happy energy to our boat and we are so proud to have him as part of our crew.

Paul Toste

In 1984, at the age of 13, Paul Toste ventured to Alaska to commercially fish salmon with his father.  By age 16 he was captaining his father’s gillnet boat on the Columbia River.  In 1990 he left the family business and went to the Bering Sea to fish aboard The Maverick.  Working his way up the ranks he landed a “highliner” job with 

Capt. Derrick Ray on board The Siberian Sea.  He ultimately left the Bering Sea in 2005 to carve out his own niche' in the West Coast Dungeness crab industry.  He currently owns and operates two West Coast crab boats and recently purchased a salmon boat in Kenai, Alaska where he and his son, a 5th generation fisherman, spend part of the summer.  He brings with him over 30 years of experience fishing from the Russian border to Central California.